Neo4j for PHP Developers

Getting started with Neo4j

Neo4j is a highly scalable open-source graph database. Graph databases store connections as first class citizens, readily available for any “join-like” navigation operation without the cost that comes with traditional relational databases. Neo4j is the most popular graph database in use today.

Day 1 - Introduction to Neo4j

  • Introduction to Graphs and the Graph database concepts
  • Introduction to Graph based Modeling
  • Neo4j and Cypher, the Query Languauge
  • Performing Advanced Queries with Cypher
  • Real-world implementation use cases with Neo4j

Day 2 - Embedding Neo4j in your PHP Application

  • The Neo4j Server ReST API
  • The HTTP Transactional Endpoint
  • Cypher Query parameters
  • The GraphAware Neo4j PHP Client
  • Sending Cypher Queries
  • Nodes, relationships and paths objects
  • Schema indexes and unique constraints
  • Transaction commits, rollbacks and errors
  • Using one transaction between multiple http requests
  • Profiling Cypher Queries
  • The Cypher Execution Plan
  • Neo4j and PHP in a production environment
  • Notes for Symfony developers
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