Mock functions in your unit tests

Complete unit test coverage says nothing about your code. But once you're actually trying to cover all your code paths, it can be quite frustrating ... ... Read more

Symfony UG meetup with Everzet

Tonight we co-sponsored the Symfony UG held with our friends Adlogix. Everzet was one of the speakers .... ... Read more

PHP-WVL meetup at our office in Roeselare

Yesterday we welcomed PHP-WVL at our office in Roeselare. The anniversary edition was ... ... Read more

Connection errors after upgrading to Doctrine DBAL 2.5

We recently updated all our dependencies in a Symfony project, and for some reason our Jenkins build started failing. ... Read more

We are now an official SensioLabs partner!

King Foo recently became the very first SensioLabs partner in Belgium. In fact, we are the first one in the entire ... Read more
King Foo is a SensioLabs partner